BEARD is me james w/a sewing studio run from the top floor of our home in south mpls. focused on quality + exploration
i am inspired by balance. 

the packs i make are designed to get you out there with the ability to crossover situations to accommodate an active life out in the woods or rambling around. i also dabble in small soft goods with those intentions.

with a strong focus on materials i try extremely hard to source the best fabric, webbing and hardware.
looking for strength and reliability while having as low of an impact on the world as possible weighing manufacture, coating process, degradability and overall impact.
while trying to stay as local as possible supporting small companies and innovative tech in the fast and rough world of outdoor gear..it is a worthy struggle. 

lately i've been working to use as many cut-offs as possible and specifically in my scraps series which are 100% made of scrap pieces i think a lot about the enviroment and impact of all that goes into a project from start to finish but to my delight i find i'm also really loving all the unexpected color combos that happen through this technique. 

even though i think my combos are fresh  you've got yours... and i am always open to color customization or to design an item specifically for you 
let's get together email me for inquiries
[email protected]

if a product is not instock but listed as available it will be made to order. leed times vary so please contact me if there's a tight time line.

Beard what?
once i had a voluptuous amount of facial hair, although the hair is no longer w/me to that extent the name stuck and the animal is still alive.
... follow the rivers and the wind listen to your heart and feel the flow through you

Piece of mind
Every seam is guaranteed 

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