BEARD bag co.



BEARD bags is a single person fabrication operation, run from the top floor of my home in south mpls. With a focus on quality,exploration and inclusivity. 


Specializing in cycling packs that seamlessly crossover situations to accommodate an active lifestyle, i also dabble in lifestyle goods. Built for durability with simplicity,function and style in mind. I am always open to customization to make an item just right for you. 


Beard is a nickname i picked up in the early ott's when i had a voluptuous amount of facial hair, although the hair is no longer w/me to that extent the name stuck. Growing up in the 80's and 90's i have always been into bikes first bmx then mtb's as well.  I look back fondly on those decades where mtn biking was like the wild west with new ideas and looks popping up all time and i'm glad to see it's spirit glimmering again in new genres of cycling that emphasize exploration.  


Every seam is guaranteed for life. The fabric and hardware is not but if you feel it has been defective in any way please contact me and we will come to a solution together.

                           BEARD IS FOR EVERYONE